People around the world celebrated the New Year with lots of fireworks and celebrations. However, there were also special measures for caution.

New Year around the world

More than 1 million people celebrated the New Year in Sydney where they could see spectacular fireworks.

The citizens of New Zealand entered 2018 with more than 3,000 fireworks. The preparations for this celebration started six months ago.

The citizens of the Pacific states Samoa and Kiribati were the first so say hello to 2018.

The last who entered 1st January were the people of the American Samoa and the island Niue.

new year

In the western European countries, the New Year celebrations were organized with great measures of caution because of fear of a terrorist attack. In Germany, most celebrations were held in Berlin, and the central celebration was held at the Brandenburg Gate.

There were concrete blocks and other obstacles in the city and there were hundreds of people out in the open.

The spokesman of the police, Thomas Neuendorf, said “About 1,600 additional policeman are at disposal for the New Year’s celebration. The aim is to secure the safety not only of the center of the city, but in all Berlin. The concrete blocks are designed to stop unauthorized vehicles from entering that zone.”

During the New Year’s celebration, additional security personal will be located in Paris as well, around 140,000. The priority is to guarantee the security of the French and foreign tourists, says the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the holidays in Moscow, 45,000 policemen will be on duty, members of the Federal Agency of Security, the National Guard and private security.


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