What is the secret to a quality love relationship? Some people think that it is the communication, others believe it is the sex. However, a recent study has shown different results. The study, under the command of John Halliwell, shows that the most important factor for a good relationship is not connected neither to sex, nor to communication. The most important thing is to consider your partner as your best friend  and have a good friendship with them.

In addition, it also discovers that the couples who were best friends and who lived together previously were as happy as the married couples who were best friends. This data is very interesting because people believe that marriage is an evolution of the relationship. Therefore in order to be happy with your partner you have to get married.


Why is friendship important in a relationship?

A lot of friendships can turn into romantic relationships. However, there are people who wouldn’t marry their friend, nor would they have a long relationship with them. Most often society tells us that we should avoid this because the line between friendship and love is very thin. However, science says something else. People who consider their partners as friends, not only as lovers, were happier than those couples who don’t have a close friendship.

Which friendship is healthy?

The main characteristics of a healthy relationship are mutual respect, value, happiness and giving. The main word here is “mutual”. A strong friendship is a two-way street. This is the combination that will help you overcome any problem. Together you can celebrate the good moments, but also be there for each other in difficult situations. When you include friendship in your relationship, you can trust your partner completely.

A lot of people believe they are not ready for marriage and they look for excuses to change the system of the relationship that is good for them. However, no matter whether you want to get married or not, remember that the friendship between you and your partner is the key for the success and happiness of your relationship.


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