It is a widespread belief that man think of sex more often than women. There is also a belief that man think of sex every 7 seconds. However, there are hardly any hard evidence for any of these “facts”.

The results

Nevertheless, there was a survey on this topic in 2011. The research showed that in average women think of sex about 18,6 times during the day. That is at about every 50 minutes while they are awake. In contrast, the research showed that man think of sex every 28 minutes.

women sex

During the research, the surveyed were asked to mark down every time they think of sex, food, or sleep. Women thought of food every 63 minutes, and of sleep every 72 minutes. Men though of food every 38 minutes, while at every 33 minutes they thought of sleep.

In addition, the researched showed that 59% of women think of sex with their ex-partner, while only 48% of the men did this. The research lasted for 1 week and it included 283 students. It was shown that men though of the basic needs more often, such as food and sleep.

The problem with this kind of research is that people often forget to mark down the data that is needed, or they mismark them. Moreover, the marking down of the data might be influenced by things they’ve heard, personal opinions, and gender differences. Therefore, in this research the surveyed were asked to mark down different data so they wouldn’t be aware that the research is aimed towards their sexuality.

However, these results are just an average of marked down thoughts. In reality, there were man who thought of sex only once and those who thought of sec even 100 times per day. The situation was similar among women, too. So, it seems like we are never going to find out the correct answer to this question.


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