When trying to figure out how old their pet is in “human years”, most pet owners just multiply their literal age by 7. Therefore, a 3-year-old kitty would turn out to be 15 years old in human years. However, even though this method is accepted a lot, it turns out that it is not really accurate.

According to Petful, vets have presented a new scale for calculating your pet’s age. It accounts for their quick maturation (because, for example, both dogs and cats can give birth during their first year). In addition, it accounts for the slowdown of aging that happens during their adult and senior years. What is more, the scale is different for dogs and cats since they grow old differently.

The Scale For Dogs:

“Larger breeds such as Newfoundlands mature faster but tend to have shorter life spans. Medium and small dogs reach senior status much later in life, around seven years of age for medium-sized dogs and 10 years  for toy breeds,” says Petful.

Therefore, it is not possible to come with a scale that would be exactly true for every dogs since their aging depends on the breed and size.

Nevertheless, veterinarians came up with a scale based on the earlier maturation of dogs and its slowing during senior years.

In order to calculate your dog’s age you need to:
  1. Add 12 “human years” for the first two years of their age
  2. Add 4 “human years” for every year age 3 and up

dogs age

However, you should keep in mind that large breeds live a bit less then medium, small and female dogs.

The Scale For Cats:

When it comes to cates, the scale changes a bit because cats mature a bit more in their early ages compared to dogs. In addition, indoor cats live longer than many dog breeds. For example, a lot of indoor cats live for up to about 15 years, whereas outdoor ones live about 10 years.

To calculate your cats’ age you need to:
  1. Add 15 “human years” from age 0-1
  2. Add 9 “human years” from age 1-2
  3. Add “human years” from ages 3 and up

cats age


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