Charlotte Figi, a 6 year old girl, was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. That is a rare diseases which caused Charlotte to experience more than 300 seizures per week. In addition to this, she also experiences symptoms similar to autism.

Even after trying a huge number of different treatments, nothing worked for little Charlotte. However, a miracle was on its way when they got an amazing advice that they decided to follow.

Namely, Charlotte’s doctor had suggested that the family should try one more treatment. That treatment was to try using cannabis oil extract.

Luckily, Charlotte lives in Colorado, which is one of the most progressive states when it comes to laws about cannabis. In fact, Colorado even has a comprehensive medicinal marijuana law which enabled Charlotte to start the treatment with the oil in order to reduce the seizures.

8 months had passed when Charlotte’s condition improved significantly.



They used a cannabis strain which is low in THC but high in cannabidiol. In case you didn’t know, THC is the psychoactive compound that exists in the marijuana plant.

This strain of cannabis was developed by the Stanley family. They say that they developed it to help people who were in need of marijuana. There are people who even moved to Colorado so that they could get this strain aka “the marijuana refugees”.

This successful story is just the beginning of a long list of clinical trials which use a combination of THC and CBD extract used to treat cancer, bowel diseases, diabetes, and other conditions. This is definitely great news for those who are pro-medicinal marijuana.

Up until now, cannabis is in use for 8 medical conditions: cancer, HIV/AIDS, seizures, severe nausea, glaucoma, muscle spasms, severe pain, muscle atrophy, and cachexia or dramatic weight loss.

However, scientists are still now fully aware of the long-term effects that the use of marijuana by children can have on them. There are studies that show negative effects, such as increased risk of a heart attack or diminished lung function, but these are only done on adult users. However, rest assured Charlotte won’t be smoking the stuff.


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